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This festival will be the first of its kind in southern Norway, held in the region known as The Wild Telemark. 


The Telemarken saemien festival is a two-day festival consisting of film, music, exhibition, specialist program - and a special educational program designed for children. We organize the festival in the middle of the "nationally romantic" Telemark. This shows that the Sami is, and has been, throughout Norway, throughout Southern Norway and not just Central and Northern Norway.


Very few know about the diverse Sami history in southern Norway and Telemark, despite the fact that the sagas and new archaeological discoveries show that Sami have lived here far back in time. Many of today's Norwegians/non-Norwegians are not familiar with the historical or cultural background of the Sami in general, and especially not in southern Norway.


The Telemarken saemien festival will bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the Southern Sami and their contribution to Norwegian culture. 

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